Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Goals, not New Years Resolutions

Are you making New Years Resolutions?

While some of you are making resolutions I am making goals. I do several online earning sites, as well I now have Eric doing some. We have goals of things we want to get accomplished. I realize we are probable grasping at straws here but this is something we are going to shoot at. We aren't wanting nothing fancy just what we need and a good time.

The car to get us where we need to go. I have seen plenty of and have owned plenty cars for $1000 that will do us awful good right now. After all at the present we have nothing! Hoping we can get it by March for the second goal.

Anniversary we may not even need that much. We would just like to go back to Marion, IL the area I was born for the weekend. Have a good internet friend we would like to meet and go to winery. Don't even really care about a fancy motel, just want some time away since its our 5th Anniversary. Anything leftover will go to the next goals.

The rest of the goals are for Baby James Foundation's Rally and Vigil. We spend two nights at least at the rally. We have an option to camp out at a church of a group who is helping us. I am just thinking if it rains, health issues of others that may make camping out hard, etc. Food we usually cook for all coming in that night as well we all usually eat all but one meal in the motel. Misc. is things like balloons, gas, etc.
I will be posting an article of all sites that we do or have started doing. If you can join it will extremely help us out to our goals. I know how far we can come the two of us. Working together after all with help of some special friends we went from being homeless to renting a home, and items in the home. I have a lot of confidence we can do this or at least put a big dent in it, with help from all of you. Our next goal will be towards a home of our own.

$500.00 (March 17th)
$350.00 (Amazon cards)

So what is your New Year's Resolutions?

UPDATE: Here are my online earning sites.


  1. Sounds good to me...I wish you all the best.
    I want new laptops, cubby storage units for my crafts, a van, and a camper...can I do it??
    My car runs but has an awful noise in the engine. It's so loud, people a block away turn around to see what's coming down the street LOL
    However, I do have a car, which is better than you of not one at all.

  2. Sure you can do it Marsha I have confidence in you lol

  3. i started the "Day Zero Project" so i have 101 goals to accomplish in the next 1001 days. Ranging from serious things like paying off my debt and starting a retirement account. All the way down to things like climbing a tree or watching the sun rise.

    best of luck with your goals! one of mine is to make $1000 online, i know we can do it!

  4. Thank Ryan! Yes we can do it! I am still considering doing the Day Zero Project

  5. My goal is HUGE! I need to prepay a full year's rent so my daughter and I will have a home after the divorce is final. I'm working redgage and gather the best I know how, babysitting, helping with special needs, selling stuff, just anything to reach this seemingly impossible goal! Best of luck with your 2012!

  6. you can do it, I have along way to go but so far so good on ours too