Friday, December 30, 2011

My earning sites

These are my main sites that I do.  To request an invites click the buttons to do appropriate, all but the leave email invite and you do that in comment on this blog. Please make sure you leave name of program/s you want invited to. Ones in red are my favorite sites.

Jingit – You must have a facebook account for this one. You request a card from them so they can pay you in that way. I would recommend you do that right after you start. You watch videos and after you make $10 you add the funds to the card.

Cash Crate – Earn money by doing surveys, watching videos (enter two numbers you see at the end), or shopping.

Opinion Square – Another survey site that you cash out for gift cards, or amazon cards.

Paid Viewpoint – Is sister company of ICS. You do short surveys to get points. Don't take much time at all to do this one.

Toluna – You do surveys, short polls, variety of things on this site to get points.

Memolink – Another survey site you can redeem for cash or other variety of gift cards.

Send Earnings – Is a lot like Inbox

Snap Dollars – Another one similar to Inbox. Also has contests for referrals on it.

SuperPoints – You can get points three ways. Go to Get Points tab you can either complete offers, watch videos, or do the SuperLucky Button. I really like this site.

Zoombucks – You do surveys and other offers including bonus bucks to get points to cash out.

SwagBucks – You get points for searching, coupons, daily deals, daily polls, special offers, Swagbucks TV, tasks, or surveys. Everyone I know loves SwagBucks.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes – Do short surveys up to every 3 hours. Your tickets go into a pot for $50, your coins can be cashed in for the $2 winnings or more tickets. You also can win cash by answering the surveys.

BeeZag – I love this site you just watch videos. Two numbers will go across the screen at different times, at the end of the video you enter. Once you get 8000 points which is $8.00 you can cash out.

ClixSense – Has two ways of earning. First go to View Ads click on each ad. Then go ClixGrid then play game. You must stay on each page till the time at the top says its completed. You get to click a total of 25 times. Payout is $8.00

JoeShopping – This is a fun site, where you can go on and look for deals. You also review products that you have already purchased. You can get points for doing other things like adding coupons, videos, rating, writing blogs, and many other tasks. Your points are then cashed in for rewards.

CrowdTap – You need facebook to sign up for this one. They will give you challenges to do, when completed you get $1.00. A small portion of what you make will go to charity. You can cash out for Amazon Gift Cards, which I love! Be sure if you sign up for this one you join CrowdTap helper there are some nice folks who will help you with your challenges.

MyPoints – You can earn points in various ways; fill out surveys, play games, read emails, search the web, book travel, or print coupons. The points can then be cashed out for rewards.

Inbox – Another one you earn cash different ways; filling out surveys, playing games, coupons, and more. You get $5.00 just for signing up, and cash out is $30.00.

I-Say – Out of all my survey sites I have to say this is one of my favorite. They send surveys to you to complete and that is it.


  1. I forgot about cash crate offering the videos...I probably still have an account there.
    I don't think I am with zoombucks so will help you if I can by signing up under you.
    I am not sure if there is anyone on my earn money blog page that you don't already do.
    Shoot, I could list about 20 other places too LOL

    Let's make our goals in 2012!

  2. I hear you Marsha there are more I could list too. Just these are my main ones. Thank You!

  3. I clicked the link for BeeZag, Hope you get the referral=)

  4. I would like referrals for each of the ones saying leave email for request